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DartCounter is the online darts platform for keeping track of all your darts scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and several other training games. Your scores will be announced by MasterCaller Ray Martin!

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New announcer

John McDonald will be the new voice on the DartCounter App.
As soon as you start a match with your opponent, John will be your personal announcer keeping you updated with your scores and stats.

Cricket online

Are you ready to challenge anyone from all around the world? This is the time! Cricket is one of the most popular games in darts and is available on the DartCounter App.
Target DartCounter is the first darts app in the world to play Cricket online against any player you like.
Join the global section of the app, meet new players and its GAME ON!

Free to download

Target DartCounter is free to download and is available on multiple platforms. There is a mobile app for Android, a mobile app for iOS plus a website.